Hello Boden the x-platform framework

Today I wanna try boden to make a cross platform app. I saw the framework few days back and to be honest did not think too much about it. One of the main reasons being I’m already too deep into Flutter, and although not a day goes by when I wish Flutter exposed some other language than Dart but still I really believe that Flutter has everything we need to develop a real world cross platform mobile app.

Types sharing between Metal and App

One of the best things about Metal is the Metal Shading Language which is a based on C++. What this means is that we can share data structures between the shader and app code. There are a few cases that we have to look out for though, which is what this post is about.

Hello Metal one more time

If I were to say that I’ve never poked the Metal API, I would be lying. I’ve probably poked at the Metal API several times now since it was launched.